Summer School

First announcement of the 10th ENROAC Doctoral Summer School

The 10th ENROAC Summer School (hosted by University of Siena, Department of Business and Law) will take place from 5th – 8th July 2020, Certosa di Pontignano – Siena, Italy. More details can be found here: ENROAC Summer School 2020



Comments of participants of past ENROAC Summer Schools

“I applied to the ENROAC summer school as colleagues had told me what a great experience it was. They told me that the connections they made at the school were ones that they still work with today. Therefore, I went there with high expectations and was not disappointed. All the faculty were very approachable, friendly and  extremely helpful. Each paper had a discussant and it was clear that the discussant had put a lot of effort into providing constructive feedback. Not only that, other faculty members also attended the presentations and gave excellent feedback. I learned a lot, not only from my own feedback but also listening to the feedback other students received. The stunning location in Siena was also very inspirational.  I would not hesitate to recommend the ENROAC summer school to other students”
Karen Brickman, PhD candidate

“For me personally the highlight of the summer school was the opportunity to create a real interaction with the faculty members and  fellow students. Staying for four days in  the  beautifull and isolated Certosa created the perfect environment for all of us to engage with each other more than it is usually possible in other occasions. Furthermore, what I really appreciated was the involvement of the faculty in providing real,  very detailed and constructive feedback on our papers- an attitude that I have encountered only in this summer school so far. I think we (the students) all felt that everything was done within the spirit of providing help and support to our development as researchers”
Mihaela Trenca

ENROAC Summer School was a great experience in several ways. First of all, it gave a chance to dig deep into the details of my own research. The friendly and constructive feedback forced me to look at my own research from different perspectives and really reflect on the arguments that I made in the paper. Special thanks go to Professor Ariela Caglio and Professor Robert Scapens for commenting on my research and giving me directions to explore further on and around my topic to improve not only the quality of my research but also my knowledge of the field. Special thanks also go to my fellow colleagues who took the time to review my paper and provided their detailed feedback.  Secondly, the opportunity to discuss other people’s research improved our skills to be a review in our future career. Helping others with their research also made us practice our critical thinking and reflexivity which are extremely important qualities in a researcher. Other aspects also include the experience sharing from the faculty on their experience of doing research, their high standards in the quality of research and their conduct of ethics in regard to research projects. All these aspects made the three days an invaluable experience which I will always remember. I would encourage my PhD colleagues all over Europe to apply for future events.”
Mo Yan, Accounting and Finance Group, Business School, University of Edinburgh

“I applied to the ENROAC summer school in order to get comments on my work-in-progress and was not disappointed. The discussant provided me with a constructive feedback on my research. Also other faculty members, who attended the presentation, were very generous with their advices. I learned a lot, not only from received feedback but also from listening to other presentations. The distinguished Faculty as well as fellow PhD students were extremely friendly and approachable, which provided great networking opportunities. Moreover the event was organised in a beautiful location. To sum up I would like to say that the ENROAC Summer School was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend it to other students.”
Gabriela Rozenfeld, PhD candidate